Kai Ito
About Me

Hello, I'm Kai Ito

I am a Software Developer at Valora Digital. I have been a Full Stack .Net web developer since 2012. Back then, I mainly used Asp.net MVC, and mostly jQuery on the frontend, with a little bit of Knockout.js sprinkled in. I have since taken a liking to Functional Programming, especially F#. In my experience, the functional paradigm has since proven to be invaluable in writing bug free software, especially when combined with a powerful type system like F#

These days, I have become an advocate of online privacy, especially because of the massive amounts of tracking that a large number websites and smartphone apps practice. I strongly believe in Open Source Software, and try to use them as much as possible. You'll find a link to my Mastodon account below, and not to a Twitter of Facebook account for these reasons. For the moment, I'm still on Github, but ideally in the future, something like Gitea will allow federated communication.

Come find me at the following sites: