Hello, I'm Kai Ito

I am a Software Developer at Valora Digital. I have been a Full Stack .Net web developer since 2012. Back then, I mainly used Asp.net MVC, and mostly jQuery on the frontend, with a little bit of Knockout.js sprinkled in. I have since taken a liking to Functional Programming, especially F#. In my experience, the functional paradigm has since proven to be invaluable in writing bug free software, especially when combined with a powerful type system like F#

These days, I have become an advocate of online privacy, especially because of the massive amounts of tracking that a large number websites and smartphone apps practice. I strongly believe in Open Source Software, and try to use them as much as possible. You'll find a link to my Mastodon account below, and not to a Twitter or Facebook account for these reasons. For the moment, I'm still on Codeberg and Github, but ideally in the future, something like Forgejo will allow federated communication.