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Privacy respecting analytics using GoAccess

28 Jan 2020
My experience setting up GoAccess to parse access logs from Traefik. View web analytics while respecting user privacy, as well as not requiring the client to load any tracking scripts by parsing Traefik access logs, and viewing them with an HTML report generated by GoAccess.
Since I bought my own domain, and rent a server to host this blog, I've been meaning to add some kind of analytics. But in the interest of user privacy, and keeping the amount of data loaded by the client to an absolute minimum, I kept putting off adding a well-known analytics solution. I knew from the beginning that I, under no circumstances, want to add Google Analytics. However, I've been wondering about Matomo. The big advantage to Matomo is that it's self hostable and open source, so you can be sure that all data collected is exactly where it should be, and not being sold to further 3rd parties and advertisers. But Matomo is still an extra client side library that needs to be sent to the client, and that goes against my mission of keeping this site to an absolute minimum size.