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Protect your ASP.NET site using WebAuthn Passkeys

21 Mar 2024
WebAuthn is a new standard to authenticate users in a secure way by making use of passkeys. Lets explore how to protect your ASP.Net site using WebAuthn via Bitwarden's Passwordless service.
WebAuthn is a relatively new standard for authenticating users and is an incredibly secure way to authenticate users by being phishing resistant, and not requiring passwords at all. It accomplishes this via public-key cryptography. To read more about it, check out Wikipedia. You can also see which services already support passkeys here.

Protect your ASP.NET site using Supabase authentication

20 Feb 2024
Sometimes you still want to build a simple server side rendered website, and you want to use simple cookie based auth. Let's explore how we can leverage Supabase Auth to protect our site.
Now that the pendulum is slowly swinging back towards classic plain HTML web servers, we can also simplify our authentication strategies. It's time to go old school again, and build a plain old ASP.NET MVC site using server side razor as our view engine. It's going to contain a very basic set of pages, and navigation links that change based on whether the user is logged in or not. We're going to use Supabase Auth to handle all the actual identity management, as well as providing us with the E-Mail verification functionality.

Managing your client connections in SignalR, including with authentication

09 Jul 2021
When using SignalR, one of the most important things will be to manage the various connections made by the clients, as well as being able to send messages to specific clients. SignalR offers three different ways of specifying connections and clients, each with their distinct usages. The question comes down when to use what, and the advantages and disadvantages offered by each.
Although this post is written with a focus on using F# and Fable.SignalR, the concepts talked about are applicable to SignalR in general, including when used with C#